Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

 The Rabbits Foot 🐇
A huge lion jumps up from behind him scratching Edward’s face with its extremely sharp claws. But Edward acts fast, drawing his sword and cuts the lions paw. He feels guilty so he quickly gets his medical kit out and bandages the lions paw. The lion turns round and gives Edward a purr of appreciation. He stands up to walk away but the lion follows him so now Edward has a partner who is going to help him. “I think I’ll call you Sapphire because of your sapphire blue eyes.” Again they start trekking through the jungle with only one thing on their minds… Jelly Beans! Well yes, but also to find the Lost Koh Ha Rabbit Foot!                                   It is now night time and they’re sitting down in their let’s just say ” campsite ” ( actually it’s worse than a blown up rabbit hole ) but anyway as they’re eating their canned tuna fish, yummy 😖 Edward finally breaks the silence by nearly coughing to death because he swallowed a bee the size of a tiny fingernail… What a drama queen he is! 👸 ” night night Sapphire, tomorrow another day of our long adventure ” ……..it was only just starting.             

 Super Short Post!

hi guys! Today is just going to be a short post, so let’s go!  So this post is going to be all about  Funky Letters!

 So you might be wondering where I got to learn how to do these. Well I actually saw them on pinterest and thought it would be a great and fun thing to post about. Here’s the Letters! ✏️  

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☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

hi guys! This is my 3rd Snazzy Sunday and today I’m going to do a nail tutorial. This is really easy to do and you don’t need long nails or lots of different coloured nail varnish either. So Here’s How you do It! 💅💅💅💅💅💅

Its such a pain but no matter how much I try I can’t grow my nails long.  Problem is you see is that I have  a short nail bed. grrrrr!!! So it takes ages for  my nails to grow to the tip of my fingers. 

I love painting my nails but I am restricted by the designs I can do because of short nails.  So I investigated further on the web to see what tips I could find for short nails. I cant be the only one out there !! 

I found some great tips so here goes.

  1. Simple designs are easier and look better
  2. A nude nail polish makes fingers look longer. 
  3. Nail stickers are a great option but again fairly simple designs 
  4. A diamente or a stud at the base of the nail can look cute !! 
  5. A stamping plate can be great for short nails. 

There is a fab blog called http://little-nails.blogspot.co.uk and I also love to watch you tube videos on nail  art, one I like is cutepolish. Its awesome

Biggest tip with nail art is have fun and make  sure you have plenty of time to do it. It wont work if u rush it. 

Today I have done 2 designs. Hope u like them 

First one is a purple glitter ombre design 

  • First shape u r nails and apply a base coat to protect your nails 
  • I then painted my full nail with a brilliant nail polish called 1 second Gel from Bourjois. It goes on smooth and easy to use 
  • After it dried I applied a thin line on the very tips of my nail a darker purple using a toothpick or the edge of the brush 
  • When this was almost dried I applied a second coat of the first nail polish which blended the darker colour into the lighter one, causing a graduated colour. I think it looks cool.


Second design I did today is more an everyday design using a french manicure base and silver glitter nail polish 

  • I painted the full nail with Rimmel french manicure in French Rose
  • After this dried I used the edge of my silver nail polish brush to draw a thin line on the tip of my nails. The polish was another one of the 1 second gel from Bourgois.
  • After this dried I sealed it all with a clear top coat 


So even though my nails can be a pain to grow, I can still have a cool design on them !! Happy happy 😃😃

Have fun with your nails !! X

Divergent – Book and Movie Review

hi guys! Today I’m going to be posting a review of a book/movie called Divergent. It’s a awesome movie and book for people who love adventures and great stories. I hope you enjoy the preview!

Divergent- The Book

Author- Veronica Roth

Main Characters – Tris Prier, Four ( Tobias ), Eric, Christina, Will, Al, Tori

Genre – Adventure

Blurb – 16 year old Tris is forced to make a terrible choice. In a divided society where everyone must conform, Tris does not fit in. So she ventures out alone, determined to discover where she truly belongs.

This is a thrilling book to read and every time I turned a page I got more and more interested in the book. I strongly recommend this book to people who love a great read and a fascinating book to get absorbed in.  

Here’s a picture of the book ( paperback ) 

The above picture shows the symbols for each faction. A faction is 5 different groups that all have a purpose and a job to keep their world from falling apart. The first one on your left is Dauntless, this is the faction Tris choses. They are all about bravery.The next one is Erudite  and they value intelligence. The third symbol represents Candor and they believe in truth. Now the next one is Abnegation and this is Tris’s old faction, they value selflessness. The tree is the symbol for Amity they are kind loving people so of course they represent kindness.     The factions were made by the founders, put together to ensure peace and happiness but as time went on the factions have become something more…

Divergent – The Movie

I watched this movie with my Mum on Mother’s Day and it was the first “teen” film that I have been allowed to watch so I was very excited !!  I absolutely loved it.  I thought the acting was great and I found the story easy to follow, it made sense straight away which was great as I hasn’t read the book yet.

Can u imagine living in this world?  Seemed at first peaceful but definitely had it menacing side to it and then the story of Tris began….  I found it so interesting and exciting.  I was even more excited to find out that the new film Insurgent  was coming to the cinema a couple of weeks later.  Mum and I went to see that as a treat on Tuesday and it was just as awesome!!

Rating – 12A

Cast – Shailene Woodly ( Tris ), Theo James ( Tobias ), Ansel Elgort ( Caleb ), Kate Winslet ( Jeanine ), Miles Teller (Peter )

Length of time – 140 minutes

Directed by – Neil Burger

Produced by – Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher

I had already started reading Divergent before seeing Insurgent on Tuesday, since then I have finished it and started on Insurgent   Love love love it !!

Aribebop rating … 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  5 star !!! ✨

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Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

Hi guys ! I’m so sorry I missed the last 2 posts but I hope I can make it up to you by making this post AWESOME!       This is the second chapter of my book The Rabbits Foot. I hope you like it! Let’s get Reading 📗📖📚🍩

He starts his long trek through the Amazon jungle. It is said that the Koh Ha rabbits foot is kept in a huge 1000 year old temple in deepest and darkest part of the Amazon jungle. It has taken people months even years to just get a glimpse of the temple. And then he will have to dodge a number of life threatening traps designed to keep anyone from stealing the rabbits foot. But he will do anything to find that foot.

So far the mission is off to a great start waking up every morning to find snakes slithering over him, mosquitoes biting at his skin ravenously and coming near to having his head bitten of by a hungry lion. But somehow he still seems happy. To be honest I think he’s going a bit mental, still if he hadn’t done all of this I wouldn’t be telling you this story.
Anyway every day he was getting closer and closer finding the rabbits foot.
On his 3rd month he was just casually killing a giant serpent when…

☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

hi guys! Today is Snazzy Sunday!  Request from my little brother I’ll be doing doing something with play doh. I know you might be thinking hey this is for wee kids but no, all ages can play with it. So lets get started!! 

What you’ll need 

Play doh in the colours of : red, white, yellow and blue. 

We’ll be making little ( super cute ) animals today! 

How to do it! 

Snail: step 1 👉 get a chunk of red a roll it into a smooth ball. 

Step 2 👉 then what you’ll want to do is take some yellow and roll it into a sausage.

Step 3 👉 get to small white circles with little dots of blue on them and curv the yellow doh up slightly and stick them on.

Step 4 👉 use some of the blue to make thiner and smaller sausages for the anteneyes, place them on the top of the head and your done !!                             Here’s a wee picture of the steps👇 


 Creepy Sausage dog : step 1 👉 grab your blue and roll into a sausage.      

Step 2 👉 get some more blue and roll it into a ball then stick it on the other piece.

Step 3 👉 use yellow for the ears.

Step 4 👉 get your red a make little legs and stick them on.

Step 5 👉 grab your white and red to make eyes then take a tiny bit of blu and stick it on and your finished! 


I know this is a bit different but I thought it would be good to do with your little brother or sister if you don’t know what to do with them. I hope you liked this post and if you haven’t already go and check out my other posts, follow me and have a great day!  

 👍Likes and Dislikes👎  

hi Guys! Happy Saturday ( if that’s a thing?! ) today on my blog I’m going to do random likes and dislikes. This is just my opinion so I just thought it would be fun to do this. Before we get started please follow and like my blog I post every  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!😊😄

Likes 👍.                                                                                                                                    No.1 guinea pigs- if you don’t already know I love guinea pigs… A lot!

No.2 pastel colours- I don’t know why I just find them very emm, awesome?!

No.3 carbonara- yummy!                                                                                                      No.4 the smell of Florida- now this isn’t crazy! It’s just I live in the UK and florida smells like sunshine and suntan lotion and well unless it’s really really warm and sunny you won’t need suntan lotion here!

No.5 divergent and insurgent- best movies and books ever!


No.1 mushrooms- yuck! 😖.                                                                                                          No.2  onions- I hate how they sting your eyes😕.                                                           No.3 stinging nettles- ouch!                                                                                                  No.4 mud- squelch squelch!                                                                                                    No.5 sticky fingers- just so uncomfortable 😐.

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hi Guys! Today is just going to be a short post but hopefully just as good! As you can see the title is Doodles so I’m going to show you a doodle I drew today. I hope you like it! I got the inspiration from a beautiful Irish movie called the Song of the Sea. The movie is traditionally animated not CGI but the background is beautiful celtic designs that further enhances the scene you are watching. I love the contrast of the different shades of blues and purples with other colours joined in and it really brings you into the story. It was oscar nominated and is a lovely, magic movie to watch with all of the family! And that is why I drew this picture of a selky. If your wondering there is only one selky not 2, its a picture of the young girl turning into a seal as she dives into the water.

The film the “song of the sea” is about the last seal child Saoirse and her brother Ben as they go on a journey to save the world of magic and find out the secrets of their past.

The Selky 

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Terrific Tales Tuesday

Hi Guys! Tuesdays  ( if you haven’t already read the title above ) is all about a book I have been writing for a wee while. Every Tuesday I will post another chapter of my book until the book is done then I will start writing another book . I have been reading lots of other blogs and one of the things I love the best is the short stories.  If you are writing short stories too please let me know and I can pop along to your blog. Would be also fab to hear what you think of my story and any suggestions just leave in the comments. Thanks and let’s get reading!!

🐰 The Rabbit’s Foot 🐍

There was a man who travelled the world. And this man was called Edward Brown. As I said he travelled the world and went on many adventures. But this story is about one of his greatest ones. Let us start from the beginning.
Edward Brown is on a mission to find the lost Koh Ha rabbit foot which as legend has it will bring you ever lasting wealth,good luck and eternal life.
Suddenly as he is dropped from the helicopter he finds himself standing in the middle of the vast Amazon jungle surrounded by an erray of wild animals,gigantic trees and lots of mud.
As he reaches into his pocket a huge snake springs towards him and with one mighty swipe of his sword he kills the beast. Again he reaches into his pocket and brings out a map. This map was given to him by an elderly man who he had helped by giving him some bread and cheese.
Anyway let’s get back to the story. This map was going to lead him to the rabbit foot.

Hair Styling – Tips and Tricks 💇

Hi Guys! I love playing with and styling hair so I thought I could share my hair styling tips and tricks with you! Before we get started I would like to thank all my followers it means so much to me and if you don’t follow me after you read this go follow me and like my posts! Let’s get Started! 👍Tips! 👍.                                                                                                                                    No.1 When you are styling your or someone else’s hair always make sure it’s brushed, it will hold better and will be easier to work with. No.2 Make sure it was either washed that day or the day before as it will make it less tuggy. No.3 Practice Practice Practice is one of the best things you can do to make your hair styleS the best they can be! No.4 If you have frizzy or difficult to style hair then try some different shampoos and conditioners that minimise the frizz and also makes your hair silky and smooth.    No.5 Try new hairstyles, go on YouTube or just on the internet, pintrest is amazing too they have amazing styles that you can try.  👌Tricks!👌.                                                                                                                     No.1 Unless you are in a hurry, try and blow dry your hair always ( don’t blow dry your hair upside down as it will make your hair frizzy ). No.2 If you’re using curlers, straighteners or blow drying your hair try using heat protection spray or shampoo as it helps reduce damaged hair. No.3 One of my best tricks is using conditioner, as it helps to make your hair silky and easy to style. No.4 When styling your or someone else’s hair it is a lot easier to section your hair as when you are styling the hair you’re not using won’t get in your way. No.5 Don’t leave your hair uncut for months and months as it will start to have split ends so every 3 months to 5 months if you’re growing your hair out just get a little trim or if your wanting to go for a dramatic change to your hair then chop some off and give it to a charity. I hope you liked this blog , and have learned some great tips and tricks! If you haven’t already go and check out my other posts, leave a comment and follow me too if you like my blog! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day, Bye!