Jaqueline Wilson – Emerald Star Book Review 

This book is about a foundling girl who has spent most of her life tring to figure out who she is and what  her future will be like. Here is what I think about it and why you should read this amazing book. 

The story includes a lot of feeling and has a great deal of description. When you are reading it you feel like you’re being transported into the story listening to it as being told by Emerald star herself. Also the illustrations at the start of each chapter helps you to know more about the story as the pictures are very interesting in the way they are drawn. 

It is quite a long book but because it is so interesting and exciting you will find that you speed right through it. If you are looking for a interesting, fun book then I recommend this book for you.

My Aribebop rating for this book is : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 stars! Enjoy!


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