hi Guys! Today is just going to be a short post but hopefully just as good! As you can see the title is Doodles so I’m going to show you a doodle I drew today. I hope you like it! I got the inspiration from a beautiful Irish movie called the Song of the Sea. The movie is traditionally animated not CGI but the background is beautiful celtic designs that further enhances the scene you are watching. I love the contrast of the different shades of blues and purples with other colours joined in and it really brings you into the story. It was oscar nominated and is a lovely, magic movie to watch with all of the family! And that is why I drew this picture of a selky. If your wondering there is only one selky not 2, its a picture of the young girl turning into a seal as she dives into the water.

The film the “song of the sea” is about the last seal child Saoirse and her brother Ben as they go on a journey to save the world of magic and find out the secrets of their past.

The Selky 

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  1. Liz says:

    Sweetheart loved your blog about the Selkie I used to love a song especially written about one Haven’t seen or heard about this movie but after reading your blog I’m going to look out for it think I would love it so much .Loved your drawings too thank you for sharing this with us .

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