👍Likes and Dislikes👎  

hi Guys! Happy Saturday ( if that’s a thing?! ) today on my blog I’m going to do random likes and dislikes. This is just my opinion so I just thought it would be fun to do this. Before we get started please follow and like my blog I post every  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Thank you so much for reading my blog!!😊😄

Likes 👍.                                                                                                                                    No.1 guinea pigs- if you don’t already know I love guinea pigs… A lot!

No.2 pastel colours- I don’t know why I just find them very emm, awesome?!

No.3 carbonara- yummy!                                                                                                      No.4 the smell of Florida- now this isn’t crazy! It’s just I live in the UK and florida smells like sunshine and suntan lotion and well unless it’s really really warm and sunny you won’t need suntan lotion here!

No.5 divergent and insurgent- best movies and books ever!


No.1 mushrooms- yuck! 😖.                                                                                                          No.2  onions- I hate how they sting your eyes😕.                                                           No.3 stinging nettles- ouch!                                                                                                  No.4 mud- squelch squelch!                                                                                                    No.5 sticky fingers- just so uncomfortable 😐.

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