☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

hi guys! Today is Snazzy Sunday!  Request from my little brother I’ll be doing doing something with play doh. I know you might be thinking hey this is for wee kids but no, all ages can play with it. So lets get started!! 

What you’ll need 

Play doh in the colours of : red, white, yellow and blue. 

We’ll be making little ( super cute ) animals today! 

How to do it! 

Snail: step 1 👉 get a chunk of red a roll it into a smooth ball. 

Step 2 👉 then what you’ll want to do is take some yellow and roll it into a sausage.

Step 3 👉 get to small white circles with little dots of blue on them and curv the yellow doh up slightly and stick them on.

Step 4 👉 use some of the blue to make thiner and smaller sausages for the anteneyes, place them on the top of the head and your done !!                             Here’s a wee picture of the steps👇 


 Creepy Sausage dog : step 1 👉 grab your blue and roll into a sausage.      

Step 2 👉 get some more blue and roll it into a ball then stick it on the other piece.

Step 3 👉 use yellow for the ears.

Step 4 👉 get your red a make little legs and stick them on.

Step 5 👉 grab your white and red to make eyes then take a tiny bit of blu and stick it on and your finished! 


I know this is a bit different but I thought it would be good to do with your little brother or sister if you don’t know what to do with them. I hope you liked this post and if you haven’t already go and check out my other posts, follow me and have a great day!  


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