Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

Hi guys ! I’m so sorry I missed the last 2 posts but I hope I can make it up to you by making this post AWESOME!       This is the second chapter of my book The Rabbits Foot. I hope you like it! Let’s get Reading 📗📖📚🍩

He starts his long trek through the Amazon jungle. It is said that the Koh Ha rabbits foot is kept in a huge 1000 year old temple in deepest and darkest part of the Amazon jungle. It has taken people months even years to just get a glimpse of the temple. And then he will have to dodge a number of life threatening traps designed to keep anyone from stealing the rabbits foot. But he will do anything to find that foot.

So far the mission is off to a great start waking up every morning to find snakes slithering over him, mosquitoes biting at his skin ravenously and coming near to having his head bitten of by a hungry lion. But somehow he still seems happy. To be honest I think he’s going a bit mental, still if he hadn’t done all of this I wouldn’t be telling you this story.
Anyway every day he was getting closer and closer finding the rabbits foot.
On his 3rd month he was just casually killing a giant serpent when…


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