Hi guys. Minigame15 is looking for some suggestions for a short story. What a super cool way to get some ideas. Let’s see if we can help. Thanks everyone xxx


hey guys (and girls)! Another quick post, I want to write a story but thereโ€™s one problemโ€ฆ

I DONโ€™T HAVE ANY (good) IDEAS! Can you help me? Just give me a character (the name) and a bit about the him/her/it, and then Iโ€™ll do another post to ask the name of the book (but not right now). So I trust we can do this. I want as many characters as I can get! So tell your friends! They probably have good Ideas too!

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  1. Holly Fletcher says:

    Make a fortune thingy out of paper and make up a character: Name, Age, Personality! Hope that helped, then do the same for setting etc. Holly F xxx

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