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hiya bloggers! Today for Snazzy Sunday I’m going to show you all of my kawaii drawings. Like a lot of people I absolutely love everything kawaii and I love to draw cute kawaii things too 💜. All of these drawings I did all by myself and I think you’ll agree that they are very cute!! The pencils I used for the colouring in are these awesome watercolour pencils I got from my local WHSmith. In the comments tell me what your favourite drawing is, I’d love to hear feedback! So here are the Kawaii Drawings!!

So this first picture is a drawing I entered in a comp for a blog called Little Moon Dragon here’s the link for her awesome blog! http://www.LittleMoonDragon.blogspot.com you’ll find more info there, the prize for 1 or 2 winners is their drawing made into a plush.. How you win is bloggers vote for their favourite pic and the pic with the most votes wins, so definitely go and vote! The drawings will be posted on her site next Sunday as the competition has been extended so there is more time if you guys want to enter as well 😃

After I had sent in my entry I really wanted to do more drawings like the Marsh Family so I grabbed my pencils and pens and drew these 2 cheeky kitties! It took me a wee while to finish but it was totally worth it, they’re so cute!! 🐱🐱

That same night I drew this wee cutie, Angel Bunny didn’t take as much time to do but she’s still super cute!! I actually hadn’t planned to draw another picture but as I was looking through the internet I found a picture of a really adorable bunny similar to this. I couldn’t resist so I started to draw her and before I knew it she was finished! 🐰🐰🐰🐰

As soon as I woke up I knew I wanted to draw another wee kawaii character so I set to work finding something to draw. When I came across this wee guy I had to draw him, so I got my pencil and started to draw. About 15 minutes later I had finished the outline of him so all I had to do was to colour him in. After I had finished I was so happy the way he turned out because I don’t normally draw pandas but after this I think I’ll be drawing them a lot! 🐼🐼🐼

Last but certainly not least is Allie the Alpaca! I know they aren’t actually rainbow but I think it looks so bold and beautiful.this one is the smallest of all of them but I still really enjoyed drawing her and that’s what drawing is all about isn’t it, having fun and creating what ever pops into your head! 😋😊

I hope you loved this post and like this if you love all things Kawaii 💜💙💜💙 have a beautiful rest of your day! BYE


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  1. Awww, all of your drawings are so cute! Thank you so much for linking to my contest, that means a lot to me. The entries will be up next week, and the winner doesn’t get the plushie sent to them, sorry for the misunderstanding ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

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