☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

hiya! It’s my favourite time of the week because I love making Snazzy Sunday!! Today I’m going to be showing you guys all the arty stuff I’ve been doing the last couple of days. But before all that voting for my competition entry at http://www.littlemoondragon.blogspot.com is now open. So go and check it out. I would be very grateful if u liked my entry enough to vote for me. The other entries are fab too. !! 

So now to my crafts. I have decided to ask you all to vote for your favourite one! So once you’ve finished reading this and have decided what one you will choose go over to the comments and put ” I vote for 1,2,3 or 4 … All of the things will be numbered, I can’t wait to see what you think of these things!  So without further ado here you go! 

Number 1


You need a notepad (a small one will do), stickers, embellishments ( I used buttons and wee gems), glue 

To get this awesome effect you basically overlap the stickers filling the spaces on the front cover. Once the page was full, I then added the embellishments. 

Its was so easy !! 

Number 2 


We have these really cool milk bottles at home that I decided to decorate with Washi tape. I love drinking my milk and eating a cookie with this !! 

Number 3 


Using Washi tape again, I made this cool bracelet. 

I used a strip of paper and wound strips of different Washi tape around it. I then used a hole punch to punch a hole at each end and then put a piece of wool through the holes so I can tie it round my wrist.

Number 4


This is the first thing I have ever sewn properly on my own so I am so proud of myself. I have called her Rosemary the cat. 🐱🐱🐱

You need felt, a marker to draw the shape u want, scissors, need to be quite sharp, thread, buttons for eyes, ribbon for collar and stuffing to fill her. U could make  her any colour you want, any design really. It would also look cool if u make mini animals and then you can have ur very own family! 

These are just some of the arty things I’ve made. I hope you ❤️ this post, I’ve had so much fun making all of these awesome things and I hope that if ur looking for an art project to do that I have given u some inspiration! Have an awesome rest of ur day 👍😋 BYE 


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  1. Hey Ari! Love rosemary! 😍 well done xx 👌 i vote for number 1 i love the idea of stickerating my notebook 📓 xx 😝 thank u for thease amazing ideas!!😉


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