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hiya! This is yet another post but I knew you love Snazzy Sunday so I couldn’t leave it. Anyway in my About blog post I said that I absolutely love baking 🎂🍰 and me and my mum have been baking cakes for members of our family’s birthdays so I thought it would be great to post about the cakes we have made. I had a lot of fun baking these cakes and I hope you enjoy reading this blog post, so without further a do here are the cakes!

Cake No.1 – My wee Brother’s birthday cake 🎂 

This cake I baked by myself ( it took quite a while 😂 ) it’s a really yummy double layer chocolate fudge cake with marshmallow fluff in the centre. I made my wee bro’s favourite cartoon characters ( Red and Yellow from Larva) from ready to roll out icing. To finish off I added smarties, kit kats round the side and a blue ribbon to keep it together.

Cake No.2 – My dad’s birthday cake 🍰 

Cake No.3 – My Bubba’s 65th birthday cake 🎂

Both the above cakes were made with the same choc fudge cake with fluff as before but this time I followed the recipe idea on the structure of the cake from the amazing mycupcakeaddiction on you tube. I absolutely love her you tube channel 💜💙❤️💚.  So easy for follow and she makes the most amazing cakes. Her ideas never fail !! 😋

So to make this cake you need :

  • a balloon holder which u turn upside and place on a dish.
  • You then take your baked choc cake which you have spread fudge and fluff onto it and slide the stick  through the centre of the holder stick like this 👇

  • I used 3 cakes.
  • U then cover the top layer of cake with more chocolate fudge

  • U then coat the stick with melted chocolate and once it becomes slightly set you start to place the sweeties, chocolates of your choice onto the stick. This is the tricky bit !! As u can see with the smartie cake it got a bit messy. We def did better with the wine gum one.
  • U then start placing the rest of your sweets all over the cake so it looks like the sweets are pouring over the cake. Again wait till the fudge is nearly set as it could all slide off.

  • To finish place the sweetie  wrapper on top of the stick angling it
  • Voila !!!!  Easy as pie !!! Well maybe not at first but worth practising

12 thoughts on “☀️ Snazzy Sunday ☀️

  1. They all look so yummy! Chocolate fudge, marshmallow fluff, smarties and Kit Kats? Sound like the best flavour combination ever! XD


  2. The Simple Beginner says:

    These cakes are awesome especially the ones with the lollies and chocolates coming down 🙂 your brother’s cake is so cute! Great photos!


    • Thank you so much Lexie. It was great. I have a whole stack of orders now from my family, malterers, reeces cups, skittles etc U shpuld have a try to. 😊😊😊


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