♥️ favourite YouTube channels ♥️

hey bloggers! In this blog post I’m going to be sharing with you all of my favourite YouTubers that I love to watch. I don’t know about you but I’m always on YouTube, watching craft videos, watching hilarious FAIL videos and hair and makeup tutorials. So I thought ( while watching YouTube 😂 ) that it would be fun do a post on all of my favourite YouTubers. I hope that when you’re finished reading this that you’ll have found other awesome YouTubers that you would of never thought of watching before and start watching their amazing vids. So Let’s dive straight into the post! 🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽🏊🏽

No.1 – Tutorials by A ( she does fantastic and fun craft vids, rainbow loom vids, tags and alot of other stuff! ) 

No.2 – Zoella ( I’m sure you’ve heard of her! She does tags, vlogs, monthly favourites + lots more! ) 

No.3 – Maybaby ( she does vids on expectation vs reality, craft vids, back to school giveaways… ) 

No.4 – Jamie’s World ( she’s so funny!! 😂 tags, random stuff, vlogs ) 

No.5 – Cutepolish💅🏽 ( amazing nail tutorials ) 

No.6 – Grav3yardgirl ( vlogs, reviews, pintrest fails, unboxings ) 

No.7 – Maqaroon ( cute easy sewing tutorials, needle felt, polimer clay ) 

No.8 – Brooklyn and Bailey ( tags, challenges, vlogs, hauls ) 

No.9 – Cute Girls Hairstyles ( hair tutorials, vlogs, giveaways ) 

No.10 – My Cupcake Addiction ( baking tutorials, colabs 🍰🎂 ) 

And that’s my 10 favourite YouTubers! Comment if you know these YouTubers or if you watch them and have a great rest of your day! BYE 😊😉😜☺️💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜 


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  1. Hi nice post ! I like Zoella too and my favorite youtuber is Miranda Sings (shes so funny). Also I love your blog and comics 😀 Thanks for commenting on my blog, keep up the great work !


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