The Beautiful Blogger Award! 

Hiya! This post is going the long awaited Beautiful Blogger Award! Thanks so much Natalie for nominating me! At the end of this post will be the link to her AMAZING blog. Hope you enjoy this post and let’s get into this post! 


-Link the Blogger who has nominated you.

-List seven random things about yourself.

– Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.

-Notify the amazing people.

1. I am a night owl but also an early bird 🌙☀️

2. My 2 favourite shops in California are Little Miss Matched and Target.

3. I am OBSESSED with lip balms! 

4. My favourite animals are guinea pigs and I’ve got one called Coco🐹

5. When I was in The Universal Studios I bought the unicorn from Despicable Me!  It’s so FLUFFY!!!

 6. I am quite a messy person 😜☺️

7. This year is my last year in Primary School, I’m going to be in Primary 7. EEEEKKKK!!! (then off to high school!) 

Here are the fantastic and creative bloggers I nominate: 








Thanks for reading this post!                      BYE 💛💜💚💙

P.S Natalie’s blog:

 Natalies Mostly Disney Blog