Wake up and get ready the easier and more fun way !! 

hi guys! I don’t know about u but I am hopeless about getting Up and then ready to go out on time especially when it is for school. I am super excited about school and I have been researching loads of ways to stay organised in prep for going back in 2 weeks. Yay !!  I saw this idea and knew immediately that is what I need to do. 

I am giving credit to this amazing idea to the wonderful you tuber mylifeiseva. So here it is:


Basically you go onto a music app on your phone that u can play through and create playlists with. I am using napster as we have a family account. 
The idea behind creating a music playlist is that u make the playlist in a way that u know how much time you have left to get ready  as u listen to the songs. 

Here is the start of my playlist 

I have started my playlist with a jump out of the bed and dance song ( well that’s the intention anyway )  and the idea is to know how long each song lasts or eg what song is playing when u have been up half an hour and for a certain time etc, u get the idea. 

I am still sorting out my playlist at the moment and will work out how long it is playing for and just generally play around with the order of the songs to get the right morning mix. But I think it is a great idea. Fun one too. We dance around like crazy people in the morning anyway, usually on Mum and Dads bed but I want to start taking responsibility for my time and getting ready so fingers crossed this works. 

What do u guys think?  Do u think it will work, what do u guys do to help u stick to a routine and get out on time. 

Would love to hear from you all. 


Ari 💚💙💛💜❤️


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