Scottish highland adventure part 2 

happy Sunday guys ! Hope u all had a fantastic day 

Today we went to a part of the highlands that I hadn’t been before called Elgin and Lossiemouth. It was absolutely beautiful. We even went swimming in the North Sea. Brrrrrrr!! But great fun. 

Hope u like my photos. Ps the photo of the ruins is of Elgin Cathedral which was built in 1224 !! 

The photos above are from the harbour town of Lossiemouth. 

In the photo below my brother and I are watching the fish in the river jump up to catch the bugs ! 

Below is the view from my Nana and Bubbas caravan just along from Inverness  Hi Nana and Bubba ( they read my blog !) 😘😘


Ended a perfect day with toasted marshmallows and a board game which I won. Woo hoo !! 

Night all😴😴

Ps stay tuned for my hunt for Nessie adventure tomorrow 

16 thoughts on “Scottish highland adventure part 2 

  1. Fashionandbeautyobsessed says:

    How did you like your time in Elgin and Lossiemouth? That is not far for where I’m from! We used to go to Lossiemouth for our holidays when I was little! Hope your have a great holiday x

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    • Morning! How cool. What a gorgeous place to holiday. Was it the wee caravan site near the beach u went to ? We had a wonderful time yesterday, my Nana and Bubba go there all the time and wanted to show us. Still can’t believe I went swimming. I just went in to paddle before u know it I was in my jeans and hoodie swimming !! Luckily my Mum brought a change of clothes. The beach was so beautiful and the wee harbour had some cute shops. My dad used to come up to Elgin for work years ago and he always loved it. Need to go to explore it more another time. Lovely to hear from u x

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      • Fashionandbeautyobsessed says:

        Yeah we had a caravan up at the beach it was so much fun! I still enjoy going up there at the weekends for a walk along the beach with my dog and family I find it so peaceful!

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    • Thank u so much !! I am so chuffed that by reading my blog and in some way influenced someone. It’s just so crazy for me to think that !! Scotland really is as beautiful as the photos. Once u get past Perth ( a small city ) there is just stunning mountains, lochs, forests and very little people. Unspoilt beauty. The big cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh are amazing to visit too. I am very lucky in that my parents are from Glasgow but we live near Edinburgh and they work in Edinburgh so we visit both cities all the time. I am going to do an Edinburgh post v soon from photos I took last week, hope u like them. 😊

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      • I will definitely read it!!! We were going to go to Scotland but I can’t remember why we didn’t. You’re lucky you get to visit both cities! I barely go out of London unless we’re going to different countries. 🙂


  2. mahjabeen says:

    I love reading what you are always up to!!! That is soo cool!!! Scotland is a beautiful place, wish I could go back there, it’s been 2 years since my holiday there!!! missing it soo much!! I would have put good comments on your blog, but I am rarely allowed on screens, as my parents say my eyesite is bad (it is really bad!) and I wear glasses!! So for that holidays I will be limited from screens!!! can’t wait (well maybe I can!) till september!!! Your blog is many times have i said that?! you probably think i’m mad!!!


    • Hi!!! Awwww thank u so much for those really lovely comments. Means so much to me, really !! I am so thrilled that u have been to Scotland, where did u go ? Aww that’s a shame u aren’t allowed on so much. I’m on far too much !! Ps my mum is an eye specialist!! Where r u going on holiday ? 😊

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      • mahjabeen says:

        HI!!! Your welcome!!! Me and my family went Aberdeen and stonehaven, and we saw the maritime museum and the art gallery, and we also went to dunnottar catsle amazing!! We aren’t onholiday, I meant on holiday from school, you know, summer holiday which finishes on september 4th and we broke up late july. So my limited screen time is nearly finishing as on school days I normally finish my homework really fast, then blog and look at others blogs for around 3-4 hours!!!
        bye for now!!!

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      • Ah!! Looking forward to u blogging more. U will have so much to say !! I’ve not been to those places u have been to. Not too far from us though. Just a couple of hours. E joy the rest of your holidays. I stayed back to school today. ☺️☺️☺️

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  3. mahjabeen says:

    hi, yeh have a lot to say and i am doing some award thingy for best/informative /interesting bloggeres and making certificates and I made one for you on i think pdf file!!! bye for now,

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