Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

 The Rabbits Foot 🐇
A huge lion jumps up from behind him scratching Edward’s face with its extremely sharp claws. But Edward acts fast, drawing his sword and cuts the lions paw. He feels guilty so he quickly gets his medical kit out and bandages the lions paw. The lion turns round and gives Edward a purr of appreciation. He stands up to walk away but the lion follows him so now Edward has a partner who is going to help him. “I think I’ll call you Sapphire because of your sapphire blue eyes.” Again they start trekking through the jungle with only one thing on their minds… Jelly Beans! Well yes, but also to find the Lost Koh Ha Rabbit Foot!                                   It is now night time and they’re sitting down in their let’s just say ” campsite ” ( actually it’s worse than a blown up rabbit hole ) but anyway as they’re eating their canned tuna fish, yummy 😖 Edward finally breaks the silence by nearly coughing to death because he swallowed a bee the size of a tiny fingernail… What a drama queen he is! 👸 ” night night Sapphire, tomorrow another day of our long adventure ” ……..it was only just starting.             

Terrific Tales Tuesday

Hi Guys! Tuesdays  ( if you haven’t already read the title above ) is all about a book I have been writing for a wee while. Every Tuesday I will post another chapter of my book until the book is done then I will start writing another book . I have been reading lots of other blogs and one of the things I love the best is the short stories.  If you are writing short stories too please let me know and I can pop along to your blog. Would be also fab to hear what you think of my story and any suggestions just leave in the comments. Thanks and let’s get reading!!

🐰 The Rabbit’s Foot 🐍

There was a man who travelled the world. And this man was called Edward Brown. As I said he travelled the world and went on many adventures. But this story is about one of his greatest ones. Let us start from the beginning.
Edward Brown is on a mission to find the lost Koh Ha rabbit foot which as legend has it will bring you ever lasting wealth,good luck and eternal life.
Suddenly as he is dropped from the helicopter he finds himself standing in the middle of the vast Amazon jungle surrounded by an erray of wild animals,gigantic trees and lots of mud.
As he reaches into his pocket a huge snake springs towards him and with one mighty swipe of his sword he kills the beast. Again he reaches into his pocket and brings out a map. This map was given to him by an elderly man who he had helped by giving him some bread and cheese.
Anyway let’s get back to the story. This map was going to lead him to the rabbit foot.