CALIFORNIA!! Update post 

Hey guys! The last few days has been crazy, because me and my family has traveled all the way from Scotland to California in America! I can’t believe I am in LA!! 

We landed yesterday at about 5pm ( local time) and after we got all our stuff we headed outside to catch our bus to our hotel.  Disney land express shuttle woo how!!

It took an hour on the bus to get to our hotel so I had a much needed snooze😴😴😴 when we finally got to our hotel we checked in and headed up to our lovely hotel 😍   forgot to mention earlier but they knew I has a birthday coming up in the next few days so the staff had got me a birthday cars, a bag of goodies plus ice cream vouchers. How amazing was that!! 

When we got in me and my wee brother David immediately fell on the bed exhausted 😣☺️😂 after having a sleep my family and I  skipped over to Target. I got lots of awesome stuff that u can’t get over in Scotland so I was really happy 👍 I  tasted my first ever Trail mix. (monster one) which has peanuts, raisins, M&Ms and little drops of choc and peanut butter. Heaven!!  we also went for some Tacos. Mmmmmmm

The next day we went to Disney Land for the first time. We got the shuttle there and back. We had a great time and had a lot of fun going on the rides and meeting the characters!  Fave ride… Space mountain. Awesome!!  it was crazily busy though but we just wandered and soaked up all the atmosphere an all things Disney 

We spent most of the day there but at about 5pm we went back to the hotel to rest and go for a bit of a swim.  Got a wonderful surprise when we got back to our room, there was chocolate birthday cake and a fruit bowl as surprise and also vouchers for a breakfast for the family I be the hotel. So so nice.!!


After about an hour we got dressed and walked back to Disney Land, stopping on the way for dinner at Jack in the Box. OMG!! I know this is a fast food eatery but the burgers are amazing. I had a sourdough Jack. Best burger ever… Prob until we try another  place as American food rocks!! 


 We went back to Magic Kingdom to  see the fireworks display and parades. Just amazing!!  Forgot to add bBefore that I will do seoperate Disney haul post 

Today we’re going for a bit of a shop so when I get back I will do a haul post. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will see u soon!

BYE 💜💛💚💙

Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

 The Rabbits Foot 🐇
A huge lion jumps up from behind him scratching Edward’s face with its extremely sharp claws. But Edward acts fast, drawing his sword and cuts the lions paw. He feels guilty so he quickly gets his medical kit out and bandages the lions paw. The lion turns round and gives Edward a purr of appreciation. He stands up to walk away but the lion follows him so now Edward has a partner who is going to help him. “I think I’ll call you Sapphire because of your sapphire blue eyes.” Again they start trekking through the jungle with only one thing on their minds… Jelly Beans! Well yes, but also to find the Lost Koh Ha Rabbit Foot!                                   It is now night time and they’re sitting down in their let’s just say ” campsite ” ( actually it’s worse than a blown up rabbit hole ) but anyway as they’re eating their canned tuna fish, yummy 😖 Edward finally breaks the silence by nearly coughing to death because he swallowed a bee the size of a tiny fingernail… What a drama queen he is! 👸 ” night night Sapphire, tomorrow another day of our long adventure ” …… was only just starting.             

Divergent – Book and Movie Review

hi guys! Today I’m going to be posting a review of a book/movie called Divergent. It’s a awesome movie and book for people who love adventures and great stories. I hope you enjoy the preview!

Divergent- The Book

Author- Veronica Roth

Main Characters – Tris Prier, Four ( Tobias ), Eric, Christina, Will, Al, Tori

Genre – Adventure

Blurb – 16 year old Tris is forced to make a terrible choice. In a divided society where everyone must conform, Tris does not fit in. So she ventures out alone, determined to discover where she truly belongs.

This is a thrilling book to read and every time I turned a page I got more and more interested in the book. I strongly recommend this book to people who love a great read and a fascinating book to get absorbed in.  

Here’s a picture of the book ( paperback ) 

The above picture shows the symbols for each faction. A faction is 5 different groups that all have a purpose and a job to keep their world from falling apart. The first one on your left is Dauntless, this is the faction Tris choses. They are all about bravery.The next one is Erudite  and they value intelligence. The third symbol represents Candor and they believe in truth. Now the next one is Abnegation and this is Tris’s old faction, they value selflessness. The tree is the symbol for Amity they are kind loving people so of course they represent kindness.     The factions were made by the founders, put together to ensure peace and happiness but as time went on the factions have become something more…

Divergent – The Movie

I watched this movie with my Mum on Mother’s Day and it was the first “teen” film that I have been allowed to watch so I was very excited !!  I absolutely loved it.  I thought the acting was great and I found the story easy to follow, it made sense straight away which was great as I hasn’t read the book yet.

Can u imagine living in this world?  Seemed at first peaceful but definitely had it menacing side to it and then the story of Tris began….  I found it so interesting and exciting.  I was even more excited to find out that the new film Insurgent  was coming to the cinema a couple of weeks later.  Mum and I went to see that as a treat on Tuesday and it was just as awesome!!

Rating – 12A

Cast – Shailene Woodly ( Tris ), Theo James ( Tobias ), Ansel Elgort ( Caleb ), Kate Winslet ( Jeanine ), Miles Teller (Peter )

Length of time – 140 minutes

Directed by – Neil Burger

Produced by – Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher

I had already started reading Divergent before seeing Insurgent on Tuesday, since then I have finished it and started on Insurgent   Love love love it !!

Aribebop rating … 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  5 star !!! ✨

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want more like it then just leave a comment, also don’t forget to follow me. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day! ❤️🎀💕

Terrific Tales Tuesday! 

Hi guys ! I’m so sorry I missed the last 2 posts but I hope I can make it up to you by making this post AWESOME!       This is the second chapter of my book The Rabbits Foot. I hope you like it! Let’s get Reading 📗📖📚🍩

He starts his long trek through the Amazon jungle. It is said that the Koh Ha rabbits foot is kept in a huge 1000 year old temple in deepest and darkest part of the Amazon jungle. It has taken people months even years to just get a glimpse of the temple. And then he will have to dodge a number of life threatening traps designed to keep anyone from stealing the rabbits foot. But he will do anything to find that foot.

So far the mission is off to a great start waking up every morning to find snakes slithering over him, mosquitoes biting at his skin ravenously and coming near to having his head bitten of by a hungry lion. But somehow he still seems happy. To be honest I think he’s going a bit mental, still if he hadn’t done all of this I wouldn’t be telling you this story.
Anyway every day he was getting closer and closer finding the rabbits foot.
On his 3rd month he was just casually killing a giant serpent when…

Terrific Tales Tuesday

Hi Guys! Tuesdays  ( if you haven’t already read the title above ) is all about a book I have been writing for a wee while. Every Tuesday I will post another chapter of my book until the book is done then I will start writing another book . I have been reading lots of other blogs and one of the things I love the best is the short stories.  If you are writing short stories too please let me know and I can pop along to your blog. Would be also fab to hear what you think of my story and any suggestions just leave in the comments. Thanks and let’s get reading!!

🐰 The Rabbit’s Foot 🐍

There was a man who travelled the world. And this man was called Edward Brown. As I said he travelled the world and went on many adventures. But this story is about one of his greatest ones. Let us start from the beginning.
Edward Brown is on a mission to find the lost Koh Ha rabbit foot which as legend has it will bring you ever lasting wealth,good luck and eternal life.
Suddenly as he is dropped from the helicopter he finds himself standing in the middle of the vast Amazon jungle surrounded by an erray of wild animals,gigantic trees and lots of mud.
As he reaches into his pocket a huge snake springs towards him and with one mighty swipe of his sword he kills the beast. Again he reaches into his pocket and brings out a map. This map was given to him by an elderly man who he had helped by giving him some bread and cheese.
Anyway let’s get back to the story. This map was going to lead him to the rabbit foot.