⛄️❄️Olaf thumbprint doodles ❄️

hiya everyone

Today I am sharing a cute doodle that I did for the awesome blog http://www.meandmyveritas.com.  Jana was asking for photos from any of her followers that have tried one of her projects. I love thumb doodling and have loads of sets and ink pads so I thought I would try Olaf.

I love Frozen especially Olaf, he’s so funny. His ” In Summer” song was so awesome. To think he wants to be warm and on the beach and not realising that he would melt made me giggle !!

What do you think of my doodle.  It was so easy to do.

I had lots of practice on my thumb doodle sets I have. You dont really need to have a proper set but it does help as it teaches you how to do it and gives you plenty of ideas.  The Star Wars book is awesome !!

Hope this has inspired you to maybe try some pictures of your own.  Have babywipes at the ready !!

The world’s most cutest teddies ever!! Tsum Tsums 

Yay! It’s finally Saturday, a time to relax and chill ❄️ I Woke up this morning as usual surrounded by my teddies. I am obsessed with cuddly toys, it’s like an illness it’s that bad!😜. I will have to post a photo of my room one day to show u how bad I am. My Mummy was the same as a child ( and an adult) which is so cool as we can share the love of all the cuteness in the world.  Squeek !! 🍭

Eek I am so excited to share with you the extreme cuteness that is Tsum Tsum’s. 

People first got their hands on these little balls of cuteness in the Disney Store in Japan. You could get them in 3 different sizes Super Huge, Marvellous Medium and Super Cute Small! America then got them and as of this month we can get them here in the UK. 

Tsum tsum first started as a game available from the app store for free. Its so addictive. As u can see from the above picture the aim of the game is to burst as many matching  Tsum Tsums to get a high score. You can unlock more cute Tsum   Tsums  by playing the game and you can also buy Tsum Tsums too. It totally sucks you right in and takes over your life !! Be warned 😜😝. 

This is my Tsum Tsum colllection and I can’t wait to get more. They have  just released  information  about  the Frozen ones that are coming out. Squeek !!!❄️❄️😀

Arent they amazing !!! Frozen freak right here guys !!

Before I go I want to show some ways that I play with them, there not just for cuddling you know!

No.1 use them as a pillow or get loads and make a bed!

Its so comfy !!

No.2 the super cute small ones can be used as a ipad holder and cleaner

And last but not least No.3 my personal favourite, funky hairstyles, call me crazy😜

hope you love them as much as I do! Thanks for reading my blog and  if you haven’t already go and check out all my other post and  leave a comment if you love Tsum Tsums too. Have a great day! Bye,I’m off to do my nails all funky!