Lilo and Stitch Back to School

Lilo and Stitch Back to School

Disney striped socks
£2.94 –

Blue shoes
£4.52 –

Disney backpacks bag
£18 –

Disney jewelry
£4.30 –

Tech accessory
£28 –

Disney hair bow
£4.20 –

£13 –

Minnie Mouse Bow 💁🏽💇🏾🙋🏼

Hey! I’m super excited for this post as its another hair one!! 💜❤️💇 After this go and check out my other hair post for some of my hairstyling tips and tricks. So let’s get into the hair tutorial!!!!!

🎀 Minnie Mouse Bow 🎀

Step 1: Start by putting your hair into a  high ponytail making sure it’s nice and smooth so it will look neat. 

Step 2: Bring your hair over onto your face like this👇👇👇👇 

Now your going to want to get another hair tie and like kinda bunch it up ( neatly! ) and tie it so it stays.  
 Step 3: Part the little piece of hair equally and neatly making sure that there isn’t any flyaways that will cause it to look messy.  

  Step 4: As you can see I still have a strip of hair at the front that at this step you can braid it or anything else that’s cool or you can just leave it like that. 

Step 5:So still parting the hair you want to grab the strip and bring it back through the parting of the ponytail and then secure it at the back with a pin. Voila !! 💜💛💚💙



If you want you can add any accessories to make this awesome hair style even better. For a Minnie Mouse look add in the middle a red bow 🎀🎀🎀🎀

Talking of hair accessories, these are my current faves at the moment. !! 

I am always watching you tube hair tutorials. My current faves are 

Luxy Hair.  Mimi is so lovely and her instructions are so easy to follow. Love her 💜

Cutegirlshairstyles. Wide range of hairstyles to choose from and they are posted weekly. This is the video blog from the mother of Brooklyn and Bailey who I love 💜

Hope u all had/have a great day. 


Ari 💜💛💚💙


Crazily happy !!

Hiya guys. Hope you all had a fab day.  I had a brilliant day out today in the beautiful Edinburgh with my family. First stop National museum of Scotland to see the Games Masters exhibition. My dad was sooooooooooooo excited !! We walked in and there was a corridor of arcade games which included Pac Mac , Space Invader, Asteroid and the like. He was giddy !! There wasn’t just arcade games but all generations of gaming from Sega, Nintendo all the way through to playing on our iPads. It was def a cool exhibition. I got to play on the old games that I have only heard my parents reminisce on, so much fun to share the memories with them.

But the far best part of my day was my trip to Primark. The one in Edinburgh is so huge and so well organised. Shopping there is a dream !! Especially now I fit mostly into adult sizes so cooler clothes for me. Yay !!

So this is the first time I have done a kind of fashion blog so here goes …..

As u can prob see from my blog. I love all things cute but it also has to be super cool. So first up is my awesome Power Puff girls tshirt.  I have teamed it up with my new turquoise skinny jeans that I also got. And will be wearing my converse ballerina white pumps with lilac laces. Will be my pastel moment ☺️

Now my family is nuts for Super heroes, Star Wars, Dr Who etc. We even have a room in our house for our collectibles and cool stuff. So when I saw this top, I had to have it. I love Batman.  Yesterday we played “who would u rather be “. Amongst the many choices we had to make was  Superman, Batman, Flash ??  As much as I love all of these awesome characters I choose Batman every time. Tough choice though as loving Flash at the moment, new tv series…. The best… Reading the graffic  novels too. Amazing.  Anyway. Back to outfit 😜😜😜

 So yes, I got this cool Batman vest and I am teaming it with my new lime green  skinny jeans too and will wear my cute black bow ring that I love.

  Last but not least I got these super super cool, marvel heroes shorts, OMG they are so amazing  !! I am wearing them tomorrow eventhough it is freezing here ( round the  house !!😜)  told u I was super hero nut. 


Price Tag ££££££

Vest – £6 Adult section

Skinny Jeans £6  Teen section

T shirt £6  Adult section

Shorts £4, yes £4 !!!  Adult section


 A perfect day was ended nicely by a trip to Nandos 😋 and I am going to finish Allegiant by Veronica Roth tonight.  A perfect day, going to sleep crazily happy