Hair Styling – Tips and Tricks 💇

Hi Guys! I love playing with and styling hair so I thought I could share my hair styling tips and tricks with you! Before we get started I would like to thank all my followers it means so much to me and if you don’t follow me after you read this go follow me and like my posts! Let’s get Started! 👍Tips! 👍.                                                                                                                                    No.1 When you are styling your or someone else’s hair always make sure it’s brushed, it will hold better and will be easier to work with. No.2 Make sure it was either washed that day or the day before as it will make it less tuggy. No.3 Practice Practice Practice is one of the best things you can do to make your hair styleS the best they can be! No.4 If you have frizzy or difficult to style hair then try some different shampoos and conditioners that minimise the frizz and also makes your hair silky and smooth.    No.5 Try new hairstyles, go on YouTube or just on the internet, pintrest is amazing too they have amazing styles that you can try.  👌Tricks!👌.                                                                                                                     No.1 Unless you are in a hurry, try and blow dry your hair always ( don’t blow dry your hair upside down as it will make your hair frizzy ). No.2 If you’re using curlers, straighteners or blow drying your hair try using heat protection spray or shampoo as it helps reduce damaged hair. No.3 One of my best tricks is using conditioner, as it helps to make your hair silky and easy to style. No.4 When styling your or someone else’s hair it is a lot easier to section your hair as when you are styling the hair you’re not using won’t get in your way. No.5 Don’t leave your hair uncut for months and months as it will start to have split ends so every 3 months to 5 months if you’re growing your hair out just get a little trim or if your wanting to go for a dramatic change to your hair then chop some off and give it to a charity. I hope you liked this blog , and have learned some great tips and tricks! If you haven’t already go and check out my other posts, leave a comment and follow me too if you like my blog! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day, Bye!